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Richard Sharp

I'm a writer and marketer.

For over 15 years, I've spent my career melding marketing, writing, journalism, public relations and a wide range of communications-centered roles where ideas come together with words to create action

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Chicago Tribune MediaPlanet Section on Donor Awareness

Jack Eigel was born different. You might say, in fact, that he was born lucky. Eigel has a rare condition called Situs Inversus, which means that all of the organs in his chest and abdomen area are reversed. The condition affects less than one in 10,000 people around the world, many of whom are able to lead completely normal lives despite their condition.


Hot Doug's, Sushi and Leading With a Soul

Several times a week, I drive down California Avenue, just a few short blocks from my home in Chicago, and head towards the freeway to get downtown. Along the route, seemingly at all hours of the day, there is always the same sight – a line snaking around the block in front of Hot Doug’s.

Overcoming ALS

Wall Street Journal MediaPlanet Section on Vision Care

Okay, okay. It’s true. Carrots can’t really help you see in the dark. In fact, no matter what your mother said to you growing up, there’s no conclusive proof that they even improve your eyesight
per se. There is evidence, however, which suggests that the vitamins in carrots and many other vegetables are a vital part of preventative eye care.

Los Angeles Times MediaPlanet Water Management Report

Coachella—for many it’s a
name that evokes the ima-
ge of fields full of hipsters
sweating their way through
an enormous three-day indie
rock festival. With the results of a recently completed study, the scenic So Cal valley can boast yet another claim to fame—water conservation.

Wall Street Journal MediaPlanet Military Education Report

While for many, the idea of retirement conjures up visions of poolside piña coladas in Bora Bora or tooling around in a golf cart in Florida, talk to retired Army Command Sergeant Major William Joe Gainey, and you get the sense that maybe that’s just not his style.

USA Today MediaPlanet Careers in Healthcare Report

With a projected growth of 39 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts physician assistans will be the second fastest growing health profession in the next decade.

Google plus logo article

10 Celebrities Using Google Plus (And How They're Using It)

We all know exactly how powerful social media can be for celebrities. The Kardashians are neck and neck with President Obama for number of Twitter followers. Lady Gaga moves an obscene amount of units and drives support for all kinds of movements (i.e. tsunami relief) with her 12.2 million Twitter fans. But what about the newest big boy in the social media realm – Google Plus?

Charlie sheen web article

Sorry, Charlie: We're Giving You Up for Lent

Well, it’s official. Yesterday we asked our readers if they thought we should give up Charlie Sheen coverage for Lent, and by our pseudo-scientific measurements, you said “yes” by about a 5:1 margin.

So Sheen, though you may have Tiger’s Blood running through your veins, though you may be “winning” with the blessed Adonis DNA you possess, for the next 40 days (okay, 39 really) we’re just plain not going to report on you.

Morning after.4853.40 article

Morning After | Phoenix New Times

Sometimes it takes a jarring catastrophe to make things right.

When you're My Morning Jacket, catastrophe takes the form of a breakup. It comes after three achingly beautiful albums and close to a decade of paying your dues, touring at increasingly large venues for growing crowds. It comes while critics are busy drooling themselves about the deeply soulful, reverb-drenched sound of your major-label debut, It Still Moves, and your band's vocalist and songwriter Jim James, whose powerful, plaintive voice can veer effortlessly from bottle-breaking twang to a heartbreaking whisper.

Dark horse.60561.40 article
Denver Westword

Dark Horse | Westword

Released this past spring, Band of Horses' debut, Everything All the Time, is a truly astonishing rock album, the type of carefully crafted work that's designed to cross vast expanses and fill lonely hollows -- part powerful arena-rock glory, part plaintive lonely-man yelping.