Richard Sharp

Richard Sharp

I'm a writer and marketer.

For over 15 years, I've spent my career melding marketing, writing, journalism, public relations and a wide range of communications-centered roles where ideas come together with words to create action

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Google plus logo article

10 Celebrities Using Google Plus (And How They're Using It)

We all know exactly how powerful social media can be for celebrities. The Kardashians are neck and neck with President Obama for number of Twitter followers. Lady Gaga moves an obscene amount of units and drives support for all kinds of movements (i.e. tsunami relief) with her 12.2 million Twitter fans. But what about the newest big boy in the social media realm – Google Plus?

Charlie sheen web article

Sorry, Charlie: We're Giving You Up for Lent

Well, it’s official. Yesterday we asked our readers if they thought we should give up Charlie Sheen coverage for Lent, and by our pseudo-scientific measurements, you said “yes” by about a 5:1 margin.

So Sheen, though you may have Tiger’s Blood running through your veins, though you may be “winning” with the blessed Adonis DNA you possess, for the next 40 days (okay, 39 really) we’re just plain not going to report on you.