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Richard Sharp

I'm a writer and marketer.

For over 15 years, I've spent my career melding marketing, writing, journalism, public relations and a wide range of communications-centered roles where ideas come together with words to create action

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Morning after.4853.40 article

Morning After | Phoenix New Times

Sometimes it takes a jarring catastrophe to make things right.

When you're My Morning Jacket, catastrophe takes the form of a breakup. It comes after three achingly beautiful albums and close to a decade of paying your dues, touring at increasingly large venues for growing crowds. It comes while critics are busy drooling themselves about the deeply soulful, reverb-drenched sound of your major-label debut, It Still Moves, and your band's vocalist and songwriter Jim James, whose powerful, plaintive voice can veer effortlessly from bottle-breaking twang to a heartbreaking whisper.